29 July 2014

Spanish stuffed marrow

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24 August 2014

Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork


30 September 2014

Slow Cooked Balsamic Pulled Beef in Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce


16 October 2014

Spicy chorizo pasta

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4 March 2015

Minty Lamb Flatbreads (Add feta)

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17 November 2015

Espresso Martini cocktail recipe


August 2016

Homemade Pear Cider


26 August 2016

Moroccan Beef Kebab Skewers

I made these for Steve's Birthday med BBQ. This is a nice variation from ordinary kebabs. The longer you let the meat marinate, the more tender it will be when you cook it. (The times listed below does not include marinating time):

9 December 2016

Ham in Coca-Cola by Nigella

23 February 2017

Sweet Potato and Rosemary Soup

14 March 2018

Chicken Pot Pie (Philadelphia Recipe)

from Natalie: I added boursin and mushrooms (no celery) and some milk as I used full fat Philadelphia which is very thickā€¦.